Ballito Picture framers is a subsidiary of the WildWeb marketing company. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to provide the best solution possible. Whether you are an interior decorator, photographer, or simply want to decorate your home with art of your own taste, we are always happy to help you choose the best solution to compliment your artwork and the environment in which it will be hung. Annice Whitehead, an award winning artist, with help from Bungi, our dedicated picture framer, will help you choose the best picture framing solution for your needs and budget. We have a massive selection of frame profiles and matte/mounting boards and are always happy to provide you with a selection from which to choose. Simply email us a copy of your artwork, a description of the hanging space and we will gladly provide you with a quote.

Annice Whitehead:
A Rhodesian by birth, Annice is a hugely talented and enthusiastic artist. She studied Japanese Ikebana floral art in the Far East, and she was the inspiration and co-author of a book "The African Mural". Having spent 16 years researching the subject, Annice was responsible for the in-depth study of this art form. She has exhibited her work with the Highway Art Group, the NSA and the Watercolour Societies of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Canada. Her paintings adorn the walls of many homes in Europe and are used on greeting cards in the United Kingdom and locally. She has twice won the prestigious P.W. Storey Arts award.

Bungi has studied picture framing at the South African Picture Framing Academy, and successfully completed The Professional Picture Framing Course in 2008. He has had a wealth of experience in framing a great variety of paintings, certificates, tapestries, even teddy bears and T-shirts.